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    Everything we do we believe in quality
    Our goal to help our clients take the right action at the right time

Our Mission

Our Mission to help our client grow their business in an organic way

Our Vision

We aim to build a new economical index to guide businesses all over the world.

Our Values

Adopt highest professional standard and improve our client performance to create an exceptional changes in every industry.

Harvard Capital Consultancy

Harvard Capital is a leading management consulting firm and we support companies in important decisions on
• Business Consultancy    • Internal Audit     • Accountancy     • Business Solution

Our Services

On every case, we look at the business from a chief executive's point of view. We start by asking the right questions, and then dig deep into the numbers to discover the right solutions. We don't stay for ready made solutions, our way of working and recommendations are extremely bespoke. We help clients decide where they want to go, and how to get there

Internal Audit

We provide Internal Audit Service by helping in establishing an effective Internal Audit Department within their organization or completely provide an outsourced internal audit department.

  • Independent appraisal
  • External and internal policies and procedures
  • Identify risks and initiate measures
  • Resources are used efficiently and economically
  • organization objectives are effectively achieved

Market Analysis

Harvard Capital combines in detail customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help our clients create sustainable, organic growth.

  • Performance improvement diagnostic
  • Cost and capability assessment
  • Sustained cost transformation
  • Cash and capital management
  • Complexity management
  • Business process redesign and Lean Six Sigma

Investment Appraisal

We help our clients succeed by transforming three building blocks of customer-led growth—the 3D lens through which clients solve problems and identify opportunities

  • Customer insights and segmentation
  • Product and category management
  • Sales and channel effectiveness
  • Marketing and brand strategy
  • Customer experience
  • Go-to-market strategy

A new way to manage your business with the help of a professional accounting team and advance technology

Accounting Services

  • GrowSafe is more than a software, its a qualified professional accounting service
  • We dedicate accountants to manage your account
  • Your company financial position will be up to date and accurate every day
  • Understand your company financial position

Document Management Tools

  • Simple filing process
  • Find all your document within few seconds
  • All document are stored securely and backed up by GrowSafe
  • You can access all your document anywhere any-time instantly

Human Resource Tools

  • Manage all your company HR responsibility efficiently on a daily basis
  • Simple an easy reporting system allow you to generate all your HR documents with few clicks (Employment contract, recruitment procedure, Payroll ...etc)